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Yeat - On tha linë

  • Релиз: 03 апрель 2022
  • Длительность: 2:40
  • Размер: 6.11 MB
  • Качество: 320 kbps, Stereo
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Текст песни
yeah, how does he does it? (ah, yeah)
stuck in the mix, mix pills, yeah, 'cause i love it (phew, yeah)
forty-five seconds, you in and you out for a dozen (phew)
yeah, and it's way too far gone to save that shit, i won't touch it (yeah)
back of a shotgun barrel kick back like buckets
snappin' the fakes in my circle like kit-kat does it
i could take your lil' bitch if i want to, yeah, but i doesn't (but i doesn't, hey)
i just chopped up the g65, took it straight out the shop, take it back to my house (woo)
they ask how the hell i make money, i couldn't еven tell 'em 'causе i don't know how (ah)
turn up that beat 'til it's blazin', yeah, turn up the beat 'til it bounce (yeah)
i'm too far gone, couldn't save that shit, so i'm perc'ed out, yeah, on the couch (yeah, yeah, yeah)
i'm a big dog, yeah, you a mouse (yeah, yeah, yeah)
can't even rock with you, you not a boss (yeah, yeah, yeah)
i done invented this shit, that's my sauce (yeah, yeah, yeah)
and i'm gon' rock out at every show (yeah, yeah, yeah)

you not my twin, you not my bro (hey, hey)
everywhere i go, i'm takin' my pole
yeah, we drippin'
it's syrup, that's alright, no trippin'
yeah, sippin' on syrup all day, couldn't hold it in, i'm pissin'
he done put everything on the line, on the kid, now he end up missin'
when you got a lot of money comin' in, then you better start the big tippin' (flip it)