- - Eduardo Luzquiños, EZRA - Yrn (Remix)

Eduardo Luzquiños, EZRA - Yrn (Remix)

  • Скачано: 84
  • Длительность: 4:28
  • Размер: 10.33 MB
  • Качество: 320 kbps, Stereo
  • Релиз: 31-01-2021
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Текст песни
Thugger, play with kilos
Ocho cinco, I got stripes like a bengal
Snoop Dogg ego, Johnny-fucking-Puerto Rico
I stand on that stage and look like a big mosquito
Hundred bands in a Honda Civic
Standin' on the stage lookin' like a ton of midget
Leaning like a fool, whole f*cking body frigid
All the bitches say I smell just like f*cking fishes

Young nigga run ya' motherf*ckin' bands up
Young Thug got his motherf*ckin' plans up
Young Thug got all his fu*ing plans up
I ain't tryna sound though, but my mans up, ya' dig
Young Thug got kids, ridin' in a fender bender
It's kinda hard being a Migos when everything never lasts
Young Rich Nigga got a bitch with some church chicken thighs
I'm a fu*ker, I'm a fu*ker, I'm a fu*ker,