- - A$AP Rocky - Feel 'N' Finesse

A$AP Rocky - Feel 'N' Finesse

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  • Длительность: 2:57
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  • Релиз: 04-02-2021
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Текст песни
I know you want it bad you want it smash and pass
I want it smash and grab i know it make you mad
He wanna tap this ass

They all collecting my residents isn't
Reachable is it my president glistening
A feasible tenet my green expeditious
I paid all my tickets yeah vehicle renting
I leave you here bleeding in fetal position
Don't believe I can beat you I'll see you in minutes
Same generation but me and you different
Hope that they free all my people in prison
Sip on my blunt when I see you on visits
Switch up the styles so they don't really get it
Say that it's sus but they see you with bitches
I stay with some bitches

Cash bags racks stacks
Tax bags cash yeah Yuh
These days I don't really hang a lot uh
Cellphone off cause it ring a lot
Ice on my neck call me bling-a-lot
Kiss so much hair make you think about
Sex tits neck lips Dilozor.com
She so expensive f*ck that shit
I'm so explicit bump that itch
Truth is I'm only tryna touch that
She tryna try me with a couple rugrat