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Senhit, Flo Rida - Adrenalina

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  • Длительность: 2:51
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  • Релиз: 10-03-2021
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Сенхит, ФлоРида песня - Адреналин
I'm burning up without fictions
Gi-Give me your full attention
I want you to tame my fire now
Keep movin' now your eyes on me
It's like my body's yours only
So baby, don't leave me lonely now

We're like fire and gasoline
Come and light it up with me
So high on adrenaline
You're my adrenalina
Just one touch and I'll ignite
I'm a flame on dynamite
So high on adrenaline
You're my adrenalina

Oh-oh-oh, this place so fancy
Let's go and light up this city
You're close enough, but I need you closer
You got me to this point only
Girl no, I'm not living, no without you
You know, and you know I know-oh
Oh, you know I know