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Polo G, Lil Wayne - GANG GANG

  • Длительность: 2:59
  • Размер: 6.83 MB
  • Качество: 320 kbps, Stereo
  • Релиз: 21-05-2021
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Текст песни
'Member back then, ask an opp what he bang
Runnin' from the jakes, block hot like I'm Wayne
Spend a quarter mil' on the watch and the chain
I'm just tryna put a lock on the game
Hot shit from this Glock when it flame

Young nigga up now, 'member back then niggas clowned on me
Now from the Heaven gates only way a nigga lookin' down on me
Keep at least two hundred thou' on mе, keep at least like thirty rounds on me
With my niggas 'til thе wheels fall off, don't care if my ride on E
Gucci slides, Versace robes, palm trees, exotic hoes
Snitchin', he can't right his wrongs once he play that writin' role
Slime shit, we wipe his nose, feds watchin', might strike a pose
Do a hit, take flight, we gone, we just take the dice and roll

Soon as I touch down, them pussy feds be hot on me
Heard niggas got money all on my head, tell 'em come crown the king
Let the work thaw out for fourteen days, that's quarantine
I'll pour my heart out before my lean, baby, no R&B
Six-six-deuce, MOB Piru, big SooWoo, slime my group
Slatt, slatt, slatt, a-achoo, wipe his nose, God bless you
Blatt-blatt-blatt, I'm not through
Bratt-tat-tat, duck, duck, goose
Two big guns on me for the smoke
That's Uncle Snoop and Martha Stew'
Call me Capalotty (Woo), Big Slimalini (Yeah), Lil' Slime Gotti
That ain't the 'Ghini, lil' bitch that's the 'Gatti
Promethazine, need a P, I'm the wild me
I hide fettuccine from the federales
I'm like Rick Pitino or John Calipari