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Jack Harlow, Snoop Dogg - Young Harleezy

  • Релиз: 07 май 2022
  • Длительность: 3:45
  • Размер: 8.59 MB
  • Качество: 320 kbps, Stereo
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Текст песни
Young Harleezy, y'all grew up shooting RPG's
I was in seventh grade selling hard CD's (That's true)
I was on stage, talent show, heart beating
Now I make it sound like I write the bars easy
But I'm ten years in, it took me eight to start eating (Uh-huh)
Six to start drinking, nine to give it up
Now the bottles in my section mark Fiji
And it's hard to find some girls that aren't freaky (Mmm-hmm)
The pressure keeps building but luckily, I'm built for it
Tryna turn these money trees to a lil' forest
It used to feel forced, now I got the feel for it
I know you want to see me but I'm still touring
Ah, used to be on Norris back when Twiggy was in chorus
Rocking 990's, not Jordans
You can find my namе besides "Smooth" in the thеsaurus
I don't drink Tequila, but for you I still pour—

Oh, that's pimpin' right there
Droppin' leaves, drippin' honey on butterflies
Imagine that
Ayy, Jack, I mean, Mack, 'cause Jack is the Mack, and he's back, believe that

Ayy, this can't just be luck
It's a reason all this shit be goin' how it does
I ain't tryna hear about the past and what it was
I don't care who lookin', get you passion in the club
Who out here is passionate as us?
I'm the one they trust, we the ones that's makin' a big fuss
New school shit, I give you money for the bus and a letter grade too, I'm thinkin' C+
And as for us, big A-listers
Pull up in that big shit, you know, the paint drippers
I got a baddie and another baddie came with her
It must be somethin' goin' on that's got my name slicker
'Cause it's rollin' off the tongue (Tongue)
Summertime got these girls sprung
There was a time I wasn't the one
But now that shit's done, word to Nicki, all I got is sons
So come around and you could get somethin', for fun