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21 Savage - Big Smoke (Slowed, Reverb)

  • Релиз: 07 июнь 2022
  • Длительность: 4:49
  • Размер: 11.04 MB
  • Качество: 320 kbps, Stereo
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Текст песни
AK, double clip, one in the tip whenever I slide
He exposed his hand talkin' to hoes, we killed two of his guys
I had a load of Reggie, but it was a drought, so niggas gon' buy it
You really feel like I'm pussy? I stay in the street, nigga, come on and try it
Remember them days we were strugglin', hard times, my momma would cry
I got off my ass, I hit me a lick for a hunnid, then wiped her eye
I'm Slaughter Gang, nigga, I slaughter your daughter, you go against me, you gon' die
I'm a God fearin' man but for my brother, I get on that stand and lie
Scrape the pot, wiggle that fork 'til it lock (Wiggle that fork 'til it lock)
Trappin' with no pistol? Get the fuck off of the block (Get the fuck off of the block)
Sleepin' with my MAK-90, I fell in love with the star (I fell in love with the star)
Nigga, I cut my sister off, I catch her talkin' to opps (I catch her talkin' to the opps)
I'll go do a whole elbow 'fore I sit down with the cops ('Fore I sit down with the cops)
My auntie ask for some money but she back to smokin' on rocks (She back to smokin' on rocks)
I don't never have my hand, I don't never raw dawg thots (I don't never raw dawg thots)
They need the coroner, body bag, and a detective when I throw shots

Big smoke, big smoke
I'm givin' out big smoke, big smoke
Got a whole lot of big smoke, big smoke
Ain't no runnin' from this big smoke, big smoke
Bullets rainin' on 'em

Busta Rhymes, flip mode, who you tellin' on?
Desert Eagle, big holes, and they comin' for him
Shoot out all your windows, he moved to California
Ambulance tried to save him, they was disappointed